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D/FW Chapter Model T Ford Club of America
The Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America
(Lone Star Ts)
is a family club, dedicated to the preservation, restoration and development
of a greater appreciation for the Model T Ford
and serves as a source of information concerning the Model T Ford
for the benefit of its members as well as the general public.

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2013 Officers
Gary Hengst
Larry Kollie
Vice President
Ray Chovanetz
Steve Bourgeois
Sam Goforth
Suzy Page
Dan Hayes
VolunT'ers (Volunteer: one who enters into or offers himself for a service of his own free will.)  
What a great name and theme to transition. When the idea of Stone Soup was initiated, the idea was bigger than building one
Model T Depot Hack, it was all about encouraging club members to assist each other in learning and getting their cars on the
road. It's about sharing the knowledge of the experienced with those of use who are learning. We are extremely excited about
the contributions of past contributors and look forward to ever increasing enthusiasm as our transition from building the Depot
Hack moves to taking garage projects onto the road as touring participants.

If you need help with your "T" or would like to help with a VolunTer project or just observe "How To" as it's being done by the
VolunTer group contact club officers or any member of the LST VolunTer's group. VolunTer announcements are published in
the newsletter and emailed to our members, so be sure we have your email address.

Started in the tradition of the Legend of
Stone Soup.

D/FW Chapter MTFCA

Membership Dues are $12.00/year. Download (Adobe Acrobat File) the
Membership Form, fill in the information requested, print, sign and mail to the
address on the form.

Model T Ford Club of America

All persons interested in Model T Fords are encouraged to become members
of the Model T Ford Club of America. Ownership of a Model T Ford is not a
requirement. Annual dues are $40.00 for U.S. members, $50.00 for Canadian
members, and $56.00 for members in other countries. Life memberships are
available, contact the MTFCA for details. Membership includes all the
privileges of the Club for members, their spouses, and their children under the
age of eighteen. One ballot for election of National Directors is issued per
member-family. For application form and more information
Click Here.
2021 Officers